Seattle is by no means a cheap destination – it has a reputation for a hugely expensive cost of living. There’s a very good (and simple) reason for this. Seattle has become a high tech Mecca – and with those enormous inflows of investment comes the inevitable higher cost of goods, services and property. Just think about the following statistic. Since 2010 the population of Seattle has increased by an enormous 18.75 percent. This is the highest growth rate of any city in the United States. Bring in that much interest (and that much money) and there is bound to be an increase in prices. When Amazon steps up to the plate as a Seattle anchor tenant you can sure that prices are going to go through the roof.

But Seattle is not all about high prices and the pure of the almighty tech-driven dollar – is also an incredibly vibrant city. It is a destination that brings tourists flocking – in part due to the wonderful free attractions that are on offer.

Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend

Here are some of the best attractions that those visiting the ‘Emerald City‘ can enjoy. free unless you are tempted to partake in the goods and services on offer. But even if you do not want to spend a cent – pay a visit to one of these Seattle destinations and you will not be disappointed.

Places To Eat In Seattle

The first of these has got to be the Pike Place Market. This is a market that is loved by visitors to the city. You’ll find plenty of tourist momentoes – but you’ll also find some of the best fresh produce in the city. Fish, flowers and fresh cheeses – there’s something for everyone.

For those who just want to sit back and enjoy the solitude that can be found in pockets throughout the city Waterfall Garden Park is simply perfect. It is a pocket-sized antidote for the stresses of modern life. Take in the green spaces and marvel at the waterfall – it’s a balm for souls who must simply cope with the 21st century.

Dip your feet in the cultural pond at the Frye Art Museum. Here the works of 19th and 20th-century artists from the U.S. and Europe are on show. You can choose to wander (and wonder) on your own or take a guided tour. It’s entirely up to you. The exhibitions are ever-changing – so you will never be certain what new wonder awaits. This is a destination well worth the effort for those in love with things cultural.

Some Boat Tours In Seattle

If you have had your fill of culture and want to see another type of wonder take a trip to the Ballard Locks. Here ships that are traveling between Puget Sound and the Union and Washington lakes sedately make their way to their next port of call. But there is also the opportunity to view the incredible sea life that makes use of the fish ladders that are such an intrinsic part of the lock experience.

These are only a few of the free experiences that Seattle has to offer. Put the city on your bucket list when you are contemplating exploring the U.S.- you will not be disappointed.

Cheap Things To Do in Seattle – Some Great Attractions