Southeastern Idaho is a Gem of a Place

If you like the outdoors and just beautiful stuff in general, you need to get to Southeastern Idaho. If you like fly fishing, then this is your mecca.

The great thing about this area is the views, the land, and the options.

The Grand Tetons branch of the Rocky Mountains frames the land to the east. You can see the Grand Teton and accompanying part of the Tetons from basically anywhere you look from. The Tetons dominate the skyline for miles around. The clouds and the light and the sunsets that come from interacting with the mountain range are simply incredible.

During the summer months the options are endless in terms of stuff to do. Hiking and fishing are super popular. With fishing being the official past time of Southeastern Idaho.

The reason why fishing is so popular is because of the undisturbed nature of the place and because of water. There are a few rivers that converge in Southeaster Idaho. Actually there are two “forks” of the same river. A river fork is when a river divides in to two separate stream or distributaries which continue downstream.

This is what happens to the Snake river in southern Idaho. The two forks are called the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork of the Snake River.

Flyfishing on a Boat

Flyfishing from a boat is called “floating the river” and it’s extremely popular. You can hire guides all through the area that can take you on a float. There are tons of options.

If you go to the area called Island Park you will basically be visiting fly fishing heaven. In this one area you can experience Henry’s Lake, the Henry’s Fork of the Snake river, and even the Targhee National Forest. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Now, if you do not want to get a boat to float a river or you find it’s too expensive, do not worry. You can still walk the river and have a great time. The Henry’s Fork has plenty of prime fishing spots just from walking the river.

But, you need to remember, you are in the wilderness and it is not a joke. You are surrounded by nature and nature does not care about you.

You need to have bear spray AND know how to use it. There are both brown bears, also known as Grizzly Bears, and black bears. And if they want, they can both mess you up and possible kill you. There are also wolves. That’s right, they are wolves. Now, most of the time they stick to the Yellowstone area to the east, and if wolves are found in this part of Idaho, they are generally killed to protect livestock, but not all are found a shot. There are still wandering around looking for food. And a wolf is stronger and more powerful than you are.

There are also moose. Moose are huge temperamental creatures. They will jack you. Do not mess around with a moose. Give them plenty of space.

While there are plenty of other wildlife, these are the ones that can harm you, so stay away from them.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors of Southeastern Idaho, just remember where you are. Be smart. Take necessary precautions.

If you do this you will have a legendary time, probably catch some beautiful fish, and you’ll be aching to get back.

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