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1-1. Auction Advisory Board – created.§ 1-2. Auction Advisory Board – duties.§ 1-3. Auctioneers to be appointed and licensed.§ 1-4. Maximum appointees; applications.§ 1-5. Qualifications for appointment.§ 1-6. Designation of associates.§ 1-7. License and surety bond required.§ 1-8. Surety bond.§ 1-9. License.§ 1-10. Commissions.§ 1-11. License suspension or revocation.§ 1-12. Civil violations – City enforcement.§ 1-13. Civil violations – private action.§ 1-14. Criminal violations.§ 1-15. {Reserved}§ 1-16. {Reserved}§ 1-17. Auction sales of jewelry – restrictions.§ 1-18. Auction sales of jewelry – merchant’s stock.§ 1-19. Auction sales of jewelry – penalties



10-1. Definitions.§ 10-2. License required for retail dealers.§ 10-3. Motor fuel service station facilities.§ 10-4. Signs.§ 10-5. Brand names.§ 10-6. Sales to senior citizen drivers.§ 10-7. Injunctions.§ 10-8. Penalties.


11-1. Definitions.§ 11-2. Licenses.§ 11-3. License required.§ 11-4. Surety bonds.§ 11-5. Transactions with minors prohibited.§ 11-6. Daily reports required.§ 11-7. Filing with police.§ 11-8. Holding requirements.§ 11-9. Release of stolen property.§ 11-10. Labels.§ 11-11. Retention of records.§ 11-12. Inspection of records and items.§ 11-13. Authorized transactions.§ 11-14. Redemption; sale.§ 11-15. Interest and charges; records.§ 11-16. Operational restrictions.§ 11-17. Suspension or revocation of license.§ 11-18. Action for default.§ 11-19. Penalties.SUBTITLE 12


§ 12-1. Definitions.§ 12-2. Exemptions from subtitle.§ 12-3. License required.§ 12-4. Master license for cooperatives.§ 12-5. Transactions with minors prohibited.§ 12-6. Transferor to provide true name, etc.§ 12-7. Daily reports required.§ 12-8. Filing with police.§ 12-9. Holding requirements.§ 12-10. Release of stolen property.§ 12-11. Labels.§ 12-12. Retention of records.§ 12-13. Inspection of records and items.§ 12-14. Exemptions from reporting, holding requirements.§ 12-15. Rules and regulations.§ 12-16. Penalties.


Part 1. Definitions§ 12A-1. Definitions.§§ 12A-2 to 12A 4. {Reserved}Part 2. Prohibited Use; Exceptions§ 12A-5. General prohibition.§ 12A-6. Exception for recycling materials.§§ 12A-7 to 12A 9. {Reserved}Part 3. Seizure and Forfeiture§ 12A-10. In general.§ 12A-11. Seizure by police.§ 12A-12. Referral to Solicitor.§ 12A-13. Forfeiture petition; Notice§ 12A-14. Answer to petition.§ 12A-15. Order of forfeiture.§ 12A-16. Order of release.§§ 12A-17 to 12A 19. {Reserved}