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Outdoor Telephones

This is Subtitle 41 of the Baltimore City Code, titled “Outdoor Telephones.” It is part of Article 19, titled “Police Ordinances.” It contains 6 laws.

Editor's Note: The following provisions formerly appeared as §58C, as enacted by Ord. 89-375 and extended by Ord. 90-561A. Ord. 92-131 later amended §58C to add provisions for a curfew; that Ordinance, however, had a “sunset” date of September 30, 1993. This recodification, therefore, is based on §58C as it existed before Ord. 92-131 temporarily modified it.
§ 41-1
“Person” defined.
§ 41-2
Prohibited placement.
§ 41-3
Enforcement by citation.
§ 41-4
§ 41-5
§ 41-6