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Employment Agencies

This is Subtitle 7 of the Baltimore City Code, titled “Employment Agencies.” It is part of Article 15, titled “Licensing and Regulation.” It contains 3 laws.

Editor's Note: In the 1950 City Code, the then-provisions of this subtitle were codified as Article 38, §§47 through 58 {“Licenses and Numbers”}. In the 1966 Code (legalized by Ord. 66-774, effective April 18, 1966), those provisions, as amended in the intervening years, were recodified as Article 31, §§60 through 73 {“Licenses and Numbers”}. In the same year, however, Ord. 66-887 was enacted, effective October 29, 1966, to repeal all of Article 38, §§47 through 58 of the 1950 Code and to ordain a new §49 under the new subtitle “Licenses for Vehicles and Vessels”. Neither of the 1966 enactments gave effect to the other. Whether Ord. 66-887 was ever given effect is uncertain. That it was soon forgotten, though, is quite evident: In 1975, the Mayor and City Council enacted Ord. 75-881, which amended Article 31, §§ 60 through 73 of the 1966 Code (the same provisions as those that had been repealed by Ord. 66-887) and recodified them as Article 15, §§92 through 105 under the current subtitle designation “Carriages, Wagons, Boats and Scows”. This recodification conforms to the later enactment, Ord. 75-881 (and subsequent amendments), and does not purport to give effect to the long-lost Ord. 66-887.
§ 7-1
§ 7-2
License required.
§ 7-3
Exhibition of license.