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Newspaper Vending Boxes in Downtown Area

This is Subtitle 19 of the Baltimore City Code, titled “Newspaper Vending Boxes in Downtown Area.” It is part of Article 15, titled “Licensing and Regulation.” It contains 9 laws.

Editor's Note: Ordinance 04-854 rewrote this subtitle, expanding its coverage to encompass virtually all types of street vendors in all areas of the City. Part I. Definitions; General Provisions
§ 19-1
§ 19-2
Compliance with subtitle required.
§ 19-3
Standards for vending boxes.
§ 19-4
Location of vending boxes.
§ 19-5
Minor privilege requirements not affected.
§ 19-6
§ 19-7
§ 19-8
Summary correction of minor violations.
§ 19-9