Baltimore Decoded

Accessible Law for All People

§ 1-1 Establishment; regulation.

(a) Anchorages established.

(1)There is hereby created in the Baltimore Harbor, which comprises the Patapsco River and its
tributaries, a series of locations to be known as anchorage areas, designated A and C, and 1 to
9 inclusive.

(2)The Harbor Engineer shall have the authority to:

(i)designate such other emergency anchorage locations in the Baltimore Harbor as the
needs may require; and

(ii)maintain and to patrol said locations until the emergency has ceased.

(b) Use by vessels.

(1)These anchorages shall be for the purpose of mooring, anchoring, and the storing of vessels
of all types in Baltimore Harbor, subject to such regulations as shall be prescribed by the
Harbor Engineer.

(2)All vessels anchoring in the harbor shall:

(i)anchor so as to keep within 1 of the said anchorages; and

(ii)be subject to all rules and regulations which the Harbor Engineer may adopt to make
this section effective.

(3)All vessels, when at anchor, between sunset and sunrise, shall comply with Federal
regulations governing anchor lights.

(c) Harbor Engineer to maintain and regulate.

The Harbor Engineer is hereby vested with the authority of locating, maintaining, and patrolling
these anchorages.
(City Code, 1927, art. 15, §4; 1950, art. 11, §1(a); 1966, art. 10, §1(a); 1976/83, art. 10, §1(a).) (Ord.
09-293; Ord. 48-477.)