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Ticket Sales

This is Subtitle 16 of the Baltimore City Code, titled “Ticket Sales.” It is part of Article 02, titled “Consumer Protections.” It contains 10 laws.

Editor's Note: A State counterpart to this subtitle is codified in Business Regulation (“BR”) Article, Title 17, Subtitle 10. Chapters 198 and 199, Acts of 2010, effective May 4, 2010, rewrote significant portions of that law to, among other things, “alte[r] the requirements for records that certain junk dealers and scrap metal processors must keep ...; ...preemp[t] certain rights of certain counties and municipalities[; and] supersed[e] certain laws of certain counties and municipalities”. Subsequently, Ordinance 10-389 renamed and rewrote this subtitle, effective November 22, 2010, to repeal various provisions that had been preempted (principally, former §§ 8-4 through 8-13) and otherwise to conform the local law to the State law. Pursuant to BR § 17-1003(a), Ord. 10-389 also formally designated, in an uncodified Section 1, the Baltimore Police Department as the City’s “primary law enforcement unit” to receive records under BR § 17-1011(b).
§ 16-1
§ 16-2
§ 16-3
Applicability of other laws.
§ 16-4
Rules and regulations.
§ 16-5
§ 16-6
In general.
§ 16-7
Required disclosures.
§ 16-8 t
hrough {Reserved}
§ 16-11
Prepayable citation.
§ 16-12
Criminal penalties.