Baltimore Decoded

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§ 1-1 Other office or clerkship prohibited.

It shall not be lawful for any member of the City Council to be appointed or to accept appointment to
any office or clerkship under the corporation during the term for which he was elected as a member
of the City Council, the salary or emolument of which are fixed and determined by the Mayor and
City Council, whether said appointment be made by the Mayor individually, or by the Mayor and
City Council, or by any other officer or officers of the City.
(City Code, 1879, art. 1, §12; 1893, art. 1, §15; 1927, art. 1, §17; 1950, art. 1, §2; 1966, art. 1, §1;
1976/83, art. 1, §1.) (Rev. Ords. 1858-003; Ord. 1859-032; Ord. 1864-090.)